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FunCat Electric Catamaran

In Europe, Turkey and United Arabic countries, our company is International agent for the US company Sub Sea Systems Inc.
This company is a world leader in innovative products and underwater experiences for the marine tourism industry.
Their talented team specializes in immersive, memorable and hands-on encounters that aim to educate through entertainment.


Sub Sea Systems' Products

In 1985 they established their brand and built a reputation in the industry as engineers and fabricators of custom submersibles and semi-submersibles. Over the years their products have evolved as they reimagine ways to explore the world’s oceans.

 Sub Sea Systems is co-creator of the SNUBA shallow water diving system, co-founder of the award-winning hands-on nurse shark and stingray encounters, designer and creator of the SeaTREK helmet diving system, manufacturer of the FunCatelectric catamaran and inventor of clear Lounge — the world’s 1st underwater oxygen bar.


FunCat: Eco Friendly Fun

FunCat electric catamarans are delightful leisure watercraft. FunCats are fun! With easy controls that even kids can use, side-by-side seating perfect for lounging next to your friends and family and built in armrests with cupholders for the drink of your choice .

 FunCats make a day on the lake or bay FUN!  Designed and built for durability, comfort, stability, safety and reliability, the FunCat is perfect for a number of applications from use at a waterfront home to commercial rental operations.

FunCats are CE marked and proudly made in the USA. Available for purchase or joint venture opportunities.

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