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Below are some projects we where involved in by setting up Business Partnerships


Last year we have established a SeaTrek Program in Turkey.
Rixos Hotel Group has build a new Hotel nearby Antalya/Belek/Kadrye. The name of the hotels is: RIXOS WORLD.

With this they have build a large theme park as well. This park is named: THE LAND OF LEGENDS.
Co-owner is this unique park is Franco Dragone, owner of Dragone Group ( Cirque du Soleil ).


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 information about SeaTrek


For The Italian company GAMMA SRL Unipersonale, we have done research for bringing their product (PyroGrill) to foreign business partners.

Afther we did the research for the potential best markets, we discussed this with the owners. Based on mutual agreement about our marketingplan, within some months we found their needed distributors in multiple countries.

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 information about PyroGrill

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